The design studio of Julie Bluét is the culmination of a creative dream.  For years, Julie worked as a freelance graphic designer and artist while raising six beautiful children with her husband, Dave.  Treasured memories from each of the children have inspired the Julie Bluét signature collection, featuring her original designs including darling animal characters, one of a kind motifs and whimsical designs bursting with color.  The entire collection is now created digitally and infused with Julie's love for illustration and design. 

Headquartered in Virginia, Julie Bluét Inc. strives to create and produce high quality, beautiful products with environmentally friendly materials and processes.


Meet the Pups

Look who started it all! After years of working alongside this crew of quirky pups, the uncommon personalities of dogs inspired Julie to create Barkley & Wagz™. A brand that is illustrative of the characters that each breed of dog defines, Barkley & Wagz amplifies this with pups in charming duds and playful glasses. It is no wonder that Julie’s rambunctious mutts Nutmeg, Lily, & Eli make their appearance in each of the product collections as colorful depictions marked with her signature style. The most mischievous of the bunch, Eli the German Shorthaired Pointer, makes his Barkley & Wagz debut with his signature head tilt and sprinkled spots in tow. On the other hand, Nutmeg & Lily the Yorkies appear as their dainty yet goofy selves in amusing costumes. This cheerful bunch blends with the other lovable pups featured in Barkley & Wagz as if they had been a dog pack for years. All of these furry friends are sure to inspire an added appreciation of the infinite loyalty and unique identity that makes a dog man’s best friend.