Let's Start from the Beginning

When I first started blogging I just jumped in without giving any background on how this whole thing started.  Since we are looking at a new year ahead I thought it would be a good time to give you a bit of history about Julie Bluét. As a mother of six children it was difficult at times to have that space in my life for my creativity but somehow I did it. Over the years I kept a hand in freelancing as a graphic designer, took a shot at web design and when my children were in school I tried to offer my artistic services for events that may come up.  Finally when we moved to Virginia in 2006 only our youngest was at home and it seemed to be a perfect time to start thinking about putting my artistic senses to work full time.  I realized if I was going to do it right it was time to jump in head first and go from traditional media to the digital world.  What better way than to work on children’s illustrations.  I dug up a short story that I had written about a giraffe and a grasshopper that became friends.  The computer became my best friend and since then it has evolved from art licensing into the wholesale world and now adding the online retail world.  It has become evident that I have found that place where I am doing what I truly love and the rewards are amazing.

So here is my first digital illustration from 2006.  This is Ginger the Giraffe consoling Gracie the Grasshopper. It was done with Corel Painter and many hours were spent working and reworking it.  In the end it all quickly evolved and the picture book still sits unfinished.  Maybe this year I can find a window of opportunity to finish it up and publish it.  Sounds like a new year’s resolution!