Christmas Eve

My memories of Christmas Eve have always been so special.  As a child we would gather as a family and have a wonderful meal.  Afterward Dad always insisted we take a walk after dinner and wash and dry all of the dishes.  Then it was time to open "one" present.  The anticipation was so much fun and my parents made it such a special night. After the family left I can remember my Mom and Dad sitting in front of our Christmas tree in our living room and telling stories of the very first Christmas when Baby Jesus was born. The tree would just glisten and sparkle and we would listen so carefully and wonder how incredible it must have been. Then my sister and I would search for Santa and the sleigh in the star lit night and of course I will never forget feeling certain that I spied him off in the distance. It all seemed so real to me.

Once I had a family of my own we carried on those traditions and added a few of our own.  The kids would say that trying to pull Dad out of bed very early in the morning was their favorite. And of course Dave made it very difficult until of course his boys grew to be bigger than he was. Dave and I have so many great memories but probably making sure that Santa's footprints stayed intact before Christmas morning was the best. Or when the older boys became Santa's helpers and were enlisted to stay up late on Christmas Eve and read the directions in order to put a bicycle or doll house together for a younger brother or sister.  It has been so much fun raising a large family and we are so proud of all of them.  We only have one left at home and before you know it she will be off on her own too.  And that of course explains the three dogs! 


Copyright 2013 Julie M. Varisco