The New Moleskine Smart Notebook

I have always loved to shop the Moleskine section at the book store and now I am ready to place my pre-order for their newest creation.  By drawing in their new Moleskine Smart Notebook, your hand drawn sketch can instantly become a fully workable digital file. It is as simple as capturing your drawing by using the Creative Cloud connected Moleskine app. The app essentially uses the special page markings to process and optimize the image as a JPG file before converting it to  an SVG file. With the Adobe Creative Cloud membership you will be able to refine your designs in Adobe Illustrator CC or Adobe Photoshop CC.  

For me I have found it clumsy to draw, scan and recreate the look of a hand drawn sketch. I am looking forward to experimenting with this new product and will keep you posted on my results.  Kudos to Moleskine! According to their website they will ship by December 31, 2014.