My Favorite DIY Christmas Poppy Tutorial

I thought is was well worth repeating one of my favorite Christmas DIY decorations that was originally posted back in 2014. Enjoy!

Today's post features one of my favorite ways to decorate for Christmas. I have been making these flowers every few years for a long time and never make them the same way twice and love to try different colors based on our theme.  The idea came from a magazine article some 20 years ago. The original directions used coffee filters which I just felt was not durable enough.  I have used heavy duty crepe paper but the paper twist seems to be the best and is very easy to work with.  In the past I have made entire wreaths with the flowers, small table top Christmas trees, added them to presents and of course I love to use them on the tree as ornaments. 

Christmas Poppy on Christmas Present
Christmas Poppy and Christmas Tags
Christmas Poppy Step 1 and 2
Christmas Poppy Steps 3 and 4
Christmas Poppy Steps 5 and 6
Christmas Poppy Steps 7 and 8
Christmas Poppy Steps 9 and 10
Christmas Poppy Steps 11 and 12