Designspiration: Glorious Flowers

I am so inspired by flowers!  As I was preparing the images for this post and adding each one I realized that all of these in one way or another reminded me of different times during my life.  As a child I loved to pick flowers from the garden for my mother.  She shared my love of flowers and on many days during her illness it did cheer her up and brought a smile to her face to have a beautiful vase of flowers next to her bed.  And since I was very young one of my favorite subjects to draw or paint has always been some kind of flower.

We spent almost ten years living in Connecticut which is known for all of their lush gardens and I would say most everyone takes it pretty seriously there!  We lived on a beautiful piece of property that lent itself to having a garden.  I fondly remember our second summer there, bringing all of the kids out to help us prepare the ground for my grand garden plan.  Oh there was some grumbling but I always made sure to make an extra special dinner on those days! It was quite the project and in the end it was a garden full of beautiful sunflowers, hollyhocks, peonies, black eyed susans and roses. And of course no garden in Connecticut would be complete without a few birdhouses. I learned so much too, like the time we sprinkled a few morning glory seeds around our porch posts.  Within a couple months it was like a morning glory jungle and we could barely get to the front door.  Or the time we proudly planted several flats of pansies along the front perimeter of the yard only to wake up the next morning to find them all eaten! I think I better make some time to get my fingers back in the soil! Maybe a container garden this time.