Designing Pattern Repeats Part 3: Adobe Illustrator Pattern Tool

Today I will walk you through the steps for using  Adobe Illustrator for creating pattern repeats instantly.  This method uses their built in pattern tool which is found under the "Object" menu. 

Once again I begin with a set of symbols that I intend to use for the design. Here are the four simple symbols that I will be using.

Two Flower Symbols

I create the foundation for my design with these two flower symbols.  I make a copy of the first and reflect it horizontally and move it down a bit diagonally.

Pattern Options Panel

Here is the Pattern Options panel which provides many combinations for creating different configurations of a design. With the two flower symbols selected I have decided to use the Grid setting with a Brick Offset of 1/2 and 7 x 7 copies. You can also adjust the horizontal and vertical spacing which I have set at .15 inches.

Here is the resulting pattern repeat which is created instantly.  The blue bounding box shows what objects are creating the repeat.  If you move them around or rearrange them the pattern adjusts simultaneously. Likewise, you can also add elements. It is very easy to work in edit mode and try out different options. You end up with an endless number of design results.  

Fresh Flowers Step 1
Swatches Panel

The pattern repeat is instantly available in the Swatches Panel.  If you ever need to edit the pattern you just double click on the swatch and it takes you back into edit mode.

Foundation Pattern

Here is what my foundation pattern repeat looks like at this stage.

Fresh Flower Buds

Next I use the smaller flower symbol and place it on a layer above my foundation design.  I duplicate them and group them to make a pleasing design.

Fresh Flowers Pattern with Buds

At this stage the repeat is shaping up with the added blooms.

With Leaves

In the next step I work with the leaf symbols once again placing them on a separate layer and duplicating them and grouping them. 

Fresh Flowers Pattern With Leaves

Here is the pattern design with the leaf symbols added.

Final Pattern

And here is the final design where I added an orange background beneath the foundation layer. 

If you missed it, be sure to check out Part I and Part II of my tutorial series: Designing Pattern Repeats. And you can always download my Free eBook which offers a step-by-step tutorial for my favorite method for creating pattern repeats.