Designing Pattern Repeats Part 2: Using Artlandia SymmetryWorks

Today, is Part 2 of my design process in creating pattern repeats.  Today, I would like to focus on Artlandia's products. As I mentioned in my previous blog post, I like to use Artlandia's SymmetryWorks to create coordinating pattern repeats based on my foundation design.  Their products serve as plug-ins to Illustrator and work with vector objects, but they also let you use raster images in your patterns. If you find that you prefer to work in Photoshop they also offer SymmetryShop.

SymmetryWorks is the main plug-in for creating endless pattern designs with just a click.  It is very simple and involves a few basic steps.  When I begin, I choose either an existing AI symbol or create one that I want to use in my design. 

Decorative Symbol
Duplicated Symbol

The symbol on the left I have chosen and transformed using the Reflect Tool by selecting the horizontal and vertical reflect function.

Once the symbol is ready I begin trying out the different controls available in the SymmetryWorks panel.  Here are examples of how the design can look using different controls.


This repeat above uses the Double Mirror, Normal Layout control. You can see the original symbol highlighted. 

Simple Shift Brick Layout

Here is the same symbol using the Simple Shift, Brick Layout control. 

Simple Circle Symbol
Symbol Set

I decided to add another element to my design so I created the simple circular symbol on the left.  Then it was duplicated and grouped with the decorative symbol I previously created. This will be the symbol set for my completed design repeat.

Simple Shift Half Drop Layout

Here I test out my new symbol set using the Simple Shift, Half Drop Layout with just two tiles. 

Completed Pattern Repeat

When I am happy with it I adjust the number of rows and columns to complete the pattern.  

Creating repeats can be that simple or you can build a more complex design.  With the beauty of Illustrator's layers and using symbols I find there are truly an infinite number of  possibilities.  Editing your design becomes a very flexible process. Colors and design elements are a snap to adjust especially when you use a product like SymmetryWorks.

Here are three different pattern repeats I created for my collection, Fresh Flowers using Artlandia's SymmetryWorks

Pattern Repeats using Artlandia

Here is the full set of coordinating pattern repeats from the Fresh Flowers Collection.

Fresh Flowers Pattern Repeat Collection