Adobe Illustrator Tip: Creating Geometric Shapes with Pathfinder

Creating geometric patterns in Adobe Illustrator is very simple when you select the right tools. Today, I will walk you through how I created this geometric pattern using this colorful triangular pattern.  I worked with the Pathfinder Menu whose options you could probably spend a day experimenting with. This tool is invaluable and great fun to utilize.

Easy Geometric Patterns
Create Square

Start by creating a square.

Rotate Dialog Box
Rotate Square

Next, rotate the square 45 degrees using the Rotate dialog box. 

Draw Vertical Line

To create the smaller triangles begin by drawing a vertical line by selecting the Line Tool. Hold the Shift Key and draw a line near the center of the image.

Align Center

To center the line over the diamond shape click the Align Vertical Center and Align Horizontal Center which is in the control bar above your workspace or in the Align Menu.

Rotate and Copy Lines
Rotate and Copy

Click the vertical line and use the Rotate Menu clicking Copy and rotate 45 degrees. Then use the shortcut Command + D to repeat this action two more times. Now your image should look like the diamond above.

Divide Image
Pathfinder Divide

Select the image and all lines and make sure they are aligned vertically and horizontally by using the Align commands. Next, click the Divide option in the Pathfinder menu. This will give you eight separate diamonds you can now work with.

Recolor Diamonds

Here I have used four colors and created a geometric diamond pattern.

Create Symbol
Symbol Menu

Typically when I create a new image I immediately make it into a symbol adding it to or creating a new symbol library.  This enables me to easily edit the image or duplicate it.

Diamond Graphic
Geometric Pattern

Once I have my symbol completed I can edit it or create a pattern repeat. The possibilities are endless!