Creative Market: Designer's Gold

The design process can involve a lot of outsourcing. One's vision may depend on the procurement of something, whether it be a brush, a texture, an object, or a shortcut for the things we creative minds just can't figure out, no matter how hard we try. It's not simple. Much sifting ensues. Deadlines approach. There's something missing in the composition. Well, Creative Market is teeming with solutions, I call it "designer's gold." It's not a one-stop shop for buying your design. It's a one-stop shop for completing your design. For instance, I designed everything but the backdrop for my Seafarer's Pillow Set mockup. It still sells my own patterned pillow, but it markets the product better with the help of a sleek and professional backdrop, one that I did not have the time to put together on my own. 
And since lists of design must-haves that other graphic artists put together are a great resource, here's a list of my own. Happy outsourcing!