Designspiration: Social Goods

Sometimes we artists and designers forget to consider the biggest canvas of all: our immediate surroundings. By simply designing the spaces we own and have control over, designing our world, so to speak, we can foster an environment where our creativity thrives. It's an important measure to take, and it often starts with our home offices, the places we hole ourselves up in for hours on end, our creative workshops.

Social Goods Co. is an Etsy store that offers simply crafted and gorgeously packaged pencils, magnets, etc. that one can use as the perfect foundation for an inspiring workspace. And as the shop name suggests, a purchase from their store comes equipped with an important social benefit: everything is eco-friendly! The pencils are sourced from newspapers... The magnets are quartz and pyrite... The erasers are latex-free... Perusing here is a recipe for happy shopping and an energized creative mind. So... Happy shopping!