The Simple Summer Luau: Say Aloha to Fun

Throwing a luau is the perfect way to have an exciting party without thinking too much about the fun element. There really is something about this kind of bash. I don't know if it's the festively tropical decor that inspires everybody to relax and have a good time, or if it's simply the Hawaiian themed treats! Either way, there is enjoyment to be had. That is why we put together this list of luau party must-haves, so you can have some summer enjoyment of your own! 

1| Get your luau rolling and set the party's mood. Send the right invitations

2| Buy your decor. A simple and affordable place to get everything you need, from platters to wreaths, to banners is Etsy! 

3| Put together platters full of delectable goodies. Bake some fresh mango cupcakes and give them some to-the-theme digs, aka. our luau-themed cupcake wrappers! And don't forget to go all out with an eclectic selection of appetizer dishes and kabobs.

4| Find the perfect tangy drink and make a huge batch! Then buy colorful straws and drink flags to keep the theme going. Another good option would be to make popsicles for refreshment variety.

5| Wear a summery, festive outfit!