Do it Yourself: Simply Printed Pencil Holders

My newest collection of giftwrap got me inspired. I had printed out my wrapping paper patterns to use for one of my daily Instagram product photoshoots. The intent was to make mini wrapping paper rolls... That way I could easily line up the rolls and so set up a good product photo! But then I came upon this great glass bottle I had purchased from the craft store, thinking, "I could put the little roll in here and make something interesting!" Once I did, I realized what I had the makings of: a printed pencil holder!

It's that simple. Print out an 8.5" x 11" of your favorite pattern. Figure out the length of the bottle and cut the paper so the roll will be as tall as the bottle. Roll the paper to the size of the bottle's mouth... Put it inside with the writing utensils, and there you go! You have a new pencil holder for your office. Below is a photo of the one we fashioned out of our mulberry print set.

Happy crafting!