Designspiration: Turtles

Today's designspiration comes from one of my favorite creature friends, the turtle. My daughter and I have found ourselves on several occasions rescuing a poor little guy who seemed to be stuck right in the middle of the street.  Though slow, they certainly seem to be determined to get to their destination.  

Much has been written about the plight of the sea turtle which is an endangered species.  Unfortunately, they face many natural obstacles but their increasing threat comes from humans which may drive them to extinction. Ancient mariners they are, and hopes are high that somehow they will survive.

Their beauty and intrigue are on display in literature, art and design.  Here are just a few examples.


Designspiration: Butterflies

With Spring upon us it was an obvious choice to feature the butterfly today.  Designers, artists and writers have used the beauty of this creature to express themselves for centuries.  From the garden to the kitchen, to the hand of a jeweler, to your child's room and even your favorite literature they have truly made their mark and surely will for centuries to come.

Designspiration: The Creatures Around Us

Spring here in Virginia is bursting with color once again.  The greens are a so vivid and the blooming flowers are like a splash of every color imaginable.  Living near a lake, we always see so many critters, creatures and beautiful birds. On a daily walk it is common to find small turtles trying to find their way to the water, cranes diving in the lake for fish, leaf bugs peacefully hanging out on a peony petal and of course a multitude of different butterflies and birds. I thought it would be a fun idea, once a week, to highlight some of our favorites and offer a showcase of how nature finds its way into a designer's creativity.

This Wednesday, it is the transformative caterpillar.  Enjoy!