Send a Thank You from the Cape

One of my favorite thank you cards sets I've designed is the one featured below. The cards, hued with an spectrum of blues and yellow-greens, capture three of my most cherished pattern elements: stripes, seashells, and chevron. I call it a Cape Cod combo, and so I urge you to send them knowing that your friends might respond with this: "Let's go!" 

Happy travels! 

Your Home, Your Beach

For most of us, the majority of our time is spent in our suburban homes or at our indoor workplaces, not the beach. I put together one of my newest collections, the Seafarer's Pillow Set, with the intention of keeping the sea's regal beauty close at hand. Getting home from a long day at work to lie down amongst seashells, cool blues, and seafoam greens just sounds wonderfully relaxing and right. I encourage you to peruse the new line and embrace nautical elements during your next redecoration! Ciao.