Hats Off to Such Talent!

Today I am tipping my hat to the amazing talent of those that craft with fabric and felt.  I am always intrigued when I browse through Pinterest and stumble upon such amazing finds.  It does fondly remind me of my talented mother.  She was an amazing seamstress and would spend hours stitching doll clothes for me and my sister. The small seams and intricate handwork always left me in awe. And it truly hit home when I tried it myself when my girls were young.  Oh the patience it takes and that is why I ended up buying clothes for my daughters' dolls!  So here are a few examples of the beautiful work these artisans create.

Doggies in Costume

Barkley & Wagz™ gave me a chance to showcase the personalities of pups by depicting them in the cutest of duds. It is so much fun to dress dogs in hats, wearing glasses, and dressing them up for Halloween as bumblebees, scarecrows, and frogs. No matter the costume or attire it always gives me a laugh to see dogs in disguise. We all know that in real life dressing our furry friends in silly outfits is a comical stir waiting to happen. So with Halloween upon us here is a collection of photos from Pinterest that is sure to cause some inspiration and laughs!

Pinterest Picks: Fall Recipes

As a mother of six children, cooking and baking has been an essential part of our lives.  Now that they are grown we love to get together for family meals when we can. Of course the holidays, both Thanksgiving and Christmas are really our favorite times together.  What makes our Thanksgiving week even more interesting is the fact that we celebrate four birthdays within a span of three days. So finding recipes they love is always a treasure hunt. Now that Pinterest is so popular it is one of the easiest ways to find them.  Here are a couple I have my eye on.  Bon Appetit!

Autumn on My Mind

With our Summer temperatures feeling much like early Autumn I am looking forward to my favorite season of the year. We are surrounded by trees here in Virginia so soon nature will be showing off those incredible colors, pumpkins will be plentiful and it will be time to start thinking about warm soups for dinner.  Our biggest chore here is keeping our dogs from eating the acorns and chasing squirrels up trees!