Baking for Christmas Eve

One tradition I try to abide by is baking something special for Christmas morning. Today I am getting all of my ingredients in order to make stollen tomorrow. It is a dense bread full of dried fruit, almonds and spices. Traditionally it is made into an oblong which symbolizes a swaddled infant. This version is from Martha Stewart and is actually her mother's treasured recipe. It is wonderful warmed with a bit of butter and a hot cup of coffee!

Pinterest Picks: Fall Recipes

As a mother of six children, cooking and baking has been an essential part of our lives.  Now that they are grown we love to get together for family meals when we can. Of course the holidays, both Thanksgiving and Christmas are really our favorite times together.  What makes our Thanksgiving week even more interesting is the fact that we celebrate four birthdays within a span of three days. So finding recipes they love is always a treasure hunt. Now that Pinterest is so popular it is one of the easiest ways to find them.  Here are a couple I have my eye on.  Bon Appetit!